Curtis+Cartwright: services

Curtis+Cartwright provide advice and personnel with particular expertise in the following service areas:

While the above reflect our main services, we are confident of our ability to provide high quality advice and personnel in other areas. If you require additional information on how we could help you, please do contact us for a detailed discussion. If we don't think we can add real value, we'll say so.

Our approach

We take pride in striving to understand and solve the critical issues for our clients and providing very high quality, tailored, timely outputs. Our outputs are typically reports, presentations, web content and workshops. We present a range of objective and pragmatic recommendations to the client, often including more general recommendations that support and enhance the resolution of the problem within the strategic context.

Client relationship

We believe that the best results are obtained when there is an open and honest relationship between consultant and client, and are committed to encouraging client feedback at all stages. We engage in early discussion with our clients to shape and scope the work to maximise their benefit. We work hard to provide real and sustained value to our clients.

Service delivery

We can operate across a spectrum of client involvement, ranging from studies at a distance to one or more of our staff becoming part of our client's team. We are experienced at managing assignments, engaging subcontractors and acting as subcontractors ourselves. We look to form partnerships with complementary experts so that we can provide the best team possible to our clients.

Stakeholder engagement

We typically take into consideration the views of a broad range of stakeholders such as customers/users, suppliers, senior management and other employees. The range of stakeholders to consider is agreed in consultation with the client at the beginning of the assignment. We use a mix of surveys, interviews and focus groups to engage with stakeholders. When a more active approach is required, we'll use stakeholder analysis, workshops and frequent communications to get, and keep, all key stakeholders 'on board'.

Assignment methodology

In-depth understanding of the assignment is achieved by detailed analysis of pre-existing and new evidence. Our approach is supported by a toolkit of soft and analytical techniques, including options appraisals, scenario building and comparison with best practice guidance. We have strict quality assurance controls on all our outputs, subjecting them to independent review so they are of high quality.