Curtis+Cartwright: content creation

Whilst many of our assignments are aimed at producing reports for a small group of senior stakeholders, we also produce material for a wider audience. We can help bridge the gap between user requirements and client expectations to deliver content that is appealing, informative and accessible.

The delivery of high quality outputs, on time and on budget, is as important to us as it is to you, and we always plan an opportunity for for client and peer review.

Our work

The material that we produce for a wider audience include briefing papers, toolkits and good practice guides. These may be printed documents, websites or presentations. The challenge here is to inform and educate the reader in an easy and appealing manner. In each case key messages, narrative and practical advice are crafted and tailored for the appropriate audience. We use case studies, vignettes and choice quotes to bring the material and messages to life. Our expertise is in communication and we are often employed to do just this, either as an add-on service or as an assignment in itself.

Examples of our work include:

For further examples of our work please look here or contact us to learn more about our services.