Curtis+Cartwright: information assurance

The seemingly incompatible mixture of increasing need for information sharing through "joined-up" systems, converging IS and IT, increasing demand for security and resilience, and pressing civil liberty and privacy demands combine to make Information Assurance (IA) a complex and challenging area.

Senior managers need to be aware that IA is a real business issue requiring their involvement and that IA is not a "shrink wrapped" product.

We develop and review IA strategy, IA policy, requirements and architectures for the public sector, individual organisations, projects and programmes. We also provide pragmatic specific security advice to meet the bespoke requirements of our clients.

Our work

Case Study: Information risk management

We advised a Government Department on how they might approach making risk management decisions on information assurance in an increasingly interconnected world. This involved extensive consultation with stakeholders and development of a suitable methodology and guidance for its application.

Case Study: IA guidance development

Working with a range of Government organisations, we identified the applicability and relevance of current Information Assurance policy and guidance to the wider public sector (NHS, local government, Police, devolved government, Parliament). We developed a strategy for the future provision of policy to all users and a programme of work for establishing appropriate HMG responsibility structures.

Our belief is that IA is a process of continual improvement, needing a risk management approach with involvement of senior business managers able to make decisions between business benefits and residual risk. IA encompasses the specification, implementation and assurance of security, covering the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of information and capabilities.

Curtis+Cartwright is a highly creative consultancy able to unite often conflicting IA strands through impartial assessment of the potential costs, benefits and risks. We aim to help organisations find an appropriate balance. Our incisive analytical abilities coupled with our impartial perspective allow us to compare the "apples and oranges" of IA in order to provide meaningful and practical advice to organisations. Indeed, the long-term relationships we have established with our clients reflect our excellent reputation and expertise in the IA field.

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