Curtis+Cartwright: evaluation and review

Evaluation and review is one of our core service areas. We conduct a wide range of evaluations and reviews across the public sector ranging from technology readiness reviews to large-scale business change programmes, through project and service evaluations and strategy reviews.

Our experience includes:

We are used to handling high-profile, intensive assignments, as well as those that require extra sensitivity to human and political issues.

Case study: programme evaluation

We provided sustained evaluation support to a programme of innovative activities concerned with the effective use of ICT in the education and research sector. Over a period of years we completed several activities, including an initial task to evaluate the past programme and identify lessons to apply to the new programme. We were then commissioned to develop an evaluation framework and plan based on the needs of the programme and the funding organisation. For the following two years we undertook an evaluation involving information gathering, synthesis, analysis and biannual reporting. Finally, we supported the transition to in-house provision via knowledge transfer and joint forward planning.

Our work

Particular objectives in an evaluation or review might be to assess efficiency, effectiveness, impact and value for money. There might also be the need to validate benefits or to identify lessons. These are different but related measures that all require in-depth information gathering, a critical review of evidence and insightful analysis.

As with all Curtis+Cartwright's work, we tailor our approach based on a dialogue with the client so that we fully understand and then meet their requirements. We combine our knowledge of evaluation methodologies and best practice, such as that in HM Treasury's Magenta Book, with tradional evidence gathering, interviewing and online surveys and focus groups to provide the best possible answer.

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