Curtis+Cartwright: service design

Building, operating and improving services is a key challenge for most organisations. Service design is often a continual process that helps to ensure that each service is doing the right thing as well as doing things right. Of course each service needs to be part of a wider service portfolio and strategy, and underpinned by strong governance.

We are highly experienced at service design for both pure online services and services that have online and offline elements, for example where an online interface leads into a subsequent administrative or business process. We support both new projects and programmes that will lead to services, as well as established service providers.

Our work

Our services in this area include:

Case study: A national online service provider

We conducted a range of audience analysis and strategic positioning studies to provide input to the management of a portfolio of services at a national online service provider. We informed the future direction of these services based on what users nowadays need and expect, and also used the opportunity to build skills in the area of audience analysis within the service provider's team

Case study: NPIA

We provided programme support to NPIA for their Identity and Access Management programme by helping to design and support the various processes that forces would need to undertake in order to participate and use the services by the centralised system. Business process modelling and mapping tools were used to provide clear and concise documentation for the services.

In practice, organisations often face two opposing goals: a great user experience and efficiency in service delivery. We work hard to ensure that both can be achieved, taking a services lifecycle approach with an emphasis on the user at each stage in the lifecycle. We are experienced in a number of tools to support service design, including:

Our skill is in choosing the appropriate tool for the task at hand, pulling together the right team for the job (using specialist market researchers where required), and using the outputs from these tools to help communicate the key issues and decisions with all the key stakeholders. We pride ourselves on being able to advise on the delivery of quality, cost-effective services where both business and user requirements are met.

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